Television is way ahead of film because it doesn’t feel the need to polarize women. Male writers either want to make women the angel or the whore. Women are more complex than that.

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Gun Concealment Furniture

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"Natasha - portrayed by Scarlett Johansson - is strong, smart, quick-thinking and resilient, and is entirely skilled at manipulating others’ foolhardy perceptions of her weaknesses to her advantage. She kicks ass, she holds her own and she fights with as much skill and tenacity as any of the other Avengers.

…Her character and her story deserve to stand on their own merits. The story of the Black Widow deserves to be as integral to the ongoing arc of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe as that of any of her male counterparts.

The message needs to be sent loud and clear to every fan of Marvel, of superheroes, of action movies: Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff, as a female character, is just as deserving and capable of having her own film franchise as any of the men she fights alongside. To indicate otherwise would be unacceptable."

"I Blew All My Covers" Natasha Romanoff has Earned her own Movie [x]

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IGN’s Game of the Year Award for the past decade

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There’s only one Red.

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Westley Richards 8g Droplock Shotgun

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Exceptionally engraved and gold inlaid Pre-World War II Walther PP semi-automatic pistol with carved ivory grips.

Estimated Value: $12,500


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The Last of Us: Remastered [X]

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My weapon of choice

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